Asynchronous Video Messaging

The Watercooler For Remote Workers

Stay in touch with your colleagues by recording short video messages.

The meetings you want, when you want. Game changing video communication. No scheduling. Simple yet so powerful

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How Birdslate Works

Video Messages

With our chat, you can communicate by using short and asynchronous video messages.

Thanks to our desktop app, you will see incoming messages auto-playing in the corner of your screen.

The combination of asynchronous and auto-play video is the best replacement for office interactions. It encourages informal yet personal conversations. The best part? You don’t have to schedule anything!


Events are a drop-in replacement for traditional synchronous meetings.

Host your events asynchronously and use our powerful templating system to tailor them.

Feedback gathering, stand-ups, fun hangouts? No problem, come together on your own terms! No need for precise scheduling or taking people out of their zone.

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Multiple timezones?
No Problem!

Keep the important interactions and information without the pointless meetings. Asynchronous video messaging allows your team to connect without the barrier of time and distance.

Use Birdslate for

Daily Stand-ups

Let your team continue to be productive at their own pace and schedule. By recording stand-ups in an async way, you won’t force yourself or anyone else to leave their zone. Just do it when you are free.

Casual Interactions

Record short videos about your private and work life. Share the fun bits with your friends at work, and let them become more than a fleeting moment!

Architectural Disscussions

Send short videos instead of holding long boring meetings. Share your thoughts and ideas in a friendly yet efficient way.


New team members are often afraid to interrupt others, leaving them with plenty of unanswered questions. Video messages allow your new members to ask in a noninvasive way while creating familiarity with the rest of your team.

Code Reviews

Providing feedback in video format allows you to get your message across without worrying about tone misinterpretations. Fewer headaches, more improvement!

Sharing Good Practices

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Bite-sized content gives your team access to knowledge without crowding their schedules. It is easy to access: you can even watch it while taking a toilet break.

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